About the Program

The Buck Rodgers Leadership Program is an elite, multi-year leadership development opportunity for high potential students within the Farmer School of Business. Students apply through a competitive process fall semester–primarily freshmen and sophomores are considered, though highly motivated upperclassmen may also apply as well. Upon acceptance into Buck, students begin the process of leadership development by exploring their leadership styles and skills in our monthly leadership development meetings and through cutting edge leadership workshops each semester. As the program progresses, students enroll in MGT 415 (Leadership and Learning), and benefit from invited speakers, executive lunches,  service leadership opportunities,and partnerships within the business community.

The Buck Rodgers program subscribes to the perspective that effective leadership looks different for each person, and aligned with this perspective, aims to provide dynamic, diverse, and engaging opportunities for students to explore what effective leadership looks like for them.

Explore our organization!  Learn about our namesake, IBM legend Buck Rodgers, discover our vision for the program, get to know our Director and Student Directors, and contact us with any questions!

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