What Buck Has Taught Us

As the year comes to an end, Buck members reflect on what the Buck Rodgers Business Leadership Program means to them.

“Buck Rodgers has taught me how to successfully lead an work with others using my strengths as well as finding people with complimentary strengths.” – Nathan Frohman, 2016

Buck Rodgers has been the most integral part behind discovering my leadership style because it’s the only outlet that provides the “how-to” behind the “what” of authentic leadership. The experiences in Buck are unique in the way that they produce tangible, personalized results, which allow for the reflection necessary for growth.” – Calyn Russo, 2017

“Being a part of the Buck Rodgers Leadership Program has allowed me to understand my leadership strengths and how to utilize these strengths in leadership roles. Throughout my first year in the program, I connected with my leadership style through StrengthsFinder workshops and guest speakers detailing their own leadership style. Throughout my Sophomore year in the program, I developed my understanding of how to identify team member strengths and how best to utilize everyone’s strengths to create high performing, effective teams. During my sophomore year, one of my favorite workshops was the Harvard Everest Leadership workshop in which BRLP members worked together in teams, leveraging each individuals strengths when making decisions, while virtually climbing Mt. Everest. This year I’ve been able to give back to the program by leading the discussion for workshops and volunteering for our Junior Achievement service program.” – Chris Haught, 2017

“Being part of the Buck Rodgers program helped me identify my own strengths, values, and motivators. This has allowed me to develop a better understanding and respect for the value I and others can bring to a group. It has been fascinating to see what Buck has taught me about strengths-based leadership actually play out in my groups for class projects, and taking a strengths-based approach to group work has let me help my teams become more productive and shown me how to become a more authentic leader.” – Sarah Ward, 2018

Consulting Weekend

On Saturday April 23rd and Sunday April 24th, Junior and Senior members of Buck participated in consulting weekend. Each team met with the client, who proposed the managerial concern she had with her company. The teams then met with various employees and each came up with a solution on how to best resolve the conflict. Congrats to the Collegiates for proposing the best suggestion!


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Spring into Leadership!

This spring, the Buck Rodgers Leadership students are keeping busy this semester with a variety of different leadership activities:

  • McGuffey Montessori StrengthsExplorer – The Buck Rodgers program welcomed middle schoolers from the McGuffey Montessori School to learn about their strengths and how they can be put to use in every day life!
  • Junior Achievement – Volunteers are teaching third and fourth grade classes at local elementary schools about how to be successful business people within their city and their region.
  • Team Effectiveness Guide – Juniors and Seniors are composing a “team effectiveness guide” to be distributed to professors and students in FSB to create more effective and efficient teams.
  • Personal Leadership – Freshmen and Sophomores are currently working on electronic leadership portfolios that integrate the work they have been doing all year on their authentic leadership.
  • Buck Consulting Weekend – Juniors and Seniors will be participating in a consulting simulation the weekend of April 23rd.
  • Center of Business Leadership – The Buck Rodgers program is proud to announce its transition to becoming the Center of Business Leadership in conjunction with the Center of Business Excellence! Stay tuned for more information!

Middle Schoolers Explore Their Strengths

On February 19th, the Buck Rodgers Leadership Program welcomed middle schoolers from the McGuffey Montessori School to participate in a StrengthsExplorer workshop. The day started off with a tour of the Farmer School of Business and a Q&A session with current FSB students before launching into a discussion about the students strengths and themes and how they can be used in every day life. The students then participated in the marshmallow challenge where they were able to see their strengths in action! The day ended with a delicious lunch at Garden Commons!  Learn more about the day here!


Annual Executive Leadership Conference

Today, Buck Members attended the Annual Executive Conference. Below are some pictures of the event!

The Buck directors at the Annual Executive Leadership Conference on Leveraging Diversity!

Buck members at the conference!

Leadership Lab Dates Announced!

Please mark your calendars for our Buck Leadership Labs this semester:

Sunday, September 27 (12-2 pm sophomores; 2-4 pm jrs/seniors)

Sunday, October 25 (12-2 pm sophomores; 2-4 pm jrs/seniors)

Sunday, November 15 (12-2 pm sophomores; 2-4 pm jrs/seniors)


Remember that all labs are required! 

Introducing Leadership Labs!

This year, Buck Rodgers is undergoing a change in the structure of the program as it is the first year of leadership labs. Leadership labs are year long workshops and events that are geared toward different types of leadership depending on one’s year in school.

Sophomore Leadership Lab: Discover Your Authentic Individual Leadership is intended as the first stage of the Buck Rodgers Leadership Experience. Members in this stage will explore and identify their authentic leadership style through a variety of activities, workshops and events.

The Junior/Senior Lab: Leading the Authentic Team is intended for upperclassmen in the mid-stage of their Buck Experience. Members in this phase of the program will explore the complexities of leading a team, engaging followers in shared vision and creating social capital in a team context.

The Seniors have the opportunity to participate in Individual Leadership Coaching, a one-on-one individual leadership coaching with Dr. Gerhardt that explores your leadership strengths and offers you the opportunity to explore the individual leadership development experiences as they apply to your current challenges and future goals.

The program is excited for these changes and is looking forward to introducing members to new events and workshops!