The Program

The Buck Rodgers Leadership Program encompasses a comprehensive battery of experiences to ensure that you develop a 360-degree understanding of your leadership style and how to improve it.  Using a combination of diagnostic tests, interactions with the best business leaders in the country, formal academic course work, and practical leadership experience, you will build on the intimate knowledge of your own leadership style, transforming yourself into a remarkably effective business leader.

Please visit our Program Requirements page for the detailed expectations of the program

Time Commitment

The Buck Rodgers Leadership Program is Buck Rodgers’s personal investment in the future generations of business leaders.  Because leadership development requires work and not serendipitous luck, we track attendance of our members.  The Program is designed so that our members can apply the skills they gain in Buck to other activities, such as student organizations or fraternities.  Our formal meetings are purposefully infrequent to allow for commitments to and development within other organizations.  Because of these considerations, we expect the following attendance:

Members of the Buck Rodgers Leadership Program are expected to attend monthly leadership development meetings (alternating on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays  to accommodate class conflicts), and participate in other Buck leadership development activities throughout the semester for a total of 5 leadership development experiences per semester. 

We understand that class conflicts cannot always be avoided, and will make accommodations to work with students who have legitimate conflicts.  However, our interview process is partially geared towards discerning whether or not the potential member has the time available to be successful within the organization.


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